Counter Service
Quickly and accurately process orders

For golf clubs offering counter service, Tee-On's Food and Beverage software can help ensure better customer service through faster and more accurate order processing.

To improve order accuracy, counter staff enter F&B orders on a touch screen monitor and a paper receipt is output directly to the kitchen or bar. Since the system can be programmed to accept any number of variables, food orders can be as detailed as required. For example, orders can contain cooking instructions, such as "lightly toasted", as well as condiment requirements like "ketchup" or "salsa".

Using our quick sale function, your staff can process orders rapidly. Like a cash register, simple transactions can be made with as few as two button clicks. For golfers placing multiple orders, the system allows you to easily run customer tabs so all items can be paid for at the same time, once the golfer is ready to settle up. Additionally, to increase food sales, courses have the ability to create several types of combination meals, or combos. Clubs using this feature often tell us that they sell more F&B items when they put them together as combos.