Account Billing
Tailored to Meet Your Club’s Needs

Easily Create and Control Accounts

Accounts make the purchasing process more convenient and help to increase your club's revenue. Setup is both straightforward and quick. Of course, you control who can make on-account purchases and you set the account limits. Account balances can be updated in real-time or they can be posted whenever you choose (e.g. daily, weekly or monthly).

Flexible Account Options

All the flexibility you need to create accounts for members, tournaments, banquets, businesses, and even staff. Account features can be tailored in several different ways. You can track account, membership or credit book balances, and you can even apply interest charges or auto payments. Accounts can also have customized pricing levels (e.g. member, staff, tournament, etc.).

Account Billing Features:
  • Pro shop and Food & Beverage sales can be consolidated on a single statement
  • Food & Beverage minimums
  • Locker and/or cart rentals (by the month or season)
  • Transfer purchases among accounts
  • Consolidate purchases under one account (e.g. Family Account, Business Account)
  • Credit book
  • Detailed account reporting

Customized Statement Options

Billing statements can be customized to show the preferred level of purchase information. You can also allow statements to be viewed online to reduce your billing and mailing expenses. Do some of your members still like printed statements? No problem – our golf point of sale system lets you choose.