Golf League Management
New ways to manage your leagues

With Tee-On's league management feature your club can set up an unlimited number of leagues. The system enables you to easily add leagues to your tee sheet templates and they are automatically blocked. For example, weekly leagues automatically come into the tee sheet on the days they are required.

For your convenience, club members can be added to any number of leagues. Designated league members can book into their league through Tee-On, which saves time. In addition to booking their own league time, members can easily play with their favorite playing partners by booking a group time for fellow league members. This gives them the opportunity to play with whomever they choose. The system also allows golfers to book their own power-carts through the online function. As you will appreciate, this booking flexibility will significantly reduce league-related phone calls to your clubhouse. We even provide training videos online to help league members learn how to use the system.

To make it even easier to check-in your league players, using Tee-On's integrated golf point of sale, your club can pre-sell league rounds in the form of game packs and our POS will automatically deduct games played during the check-in process simply by scanning the golfer's membership card. Additionally, tracking your league activity is made easier with our league reports.