Golf Cart Tracking
Easily manage and track your cart fleet

Increase Your Cart Profits

Automatically calculate cart availability, based on your course's anticipated pace of play. Your staff will easily know when carts will be available for second or third rounds, which will help increase your cart profits. Both full and half cart fees can be tracked to ensure you’re collecting all cart revenue.

Booking carts online

When booking online, golfers select the number of carts required for their group, instantly updating cart availability on your tee sheet. If you choose to list green fee and cart rates for online booking, cart fees will automatically be added to the total booking fee.

Managing your fleet

Solutions to manage your cart fleet, regardless of size. Cart fleet availability can be adjusted easily - for specific days, events or cart maintenance. Additionally, groups of carts can be automatically reserved with tournament bookings.

Tee Sheet + POS = an integrated cart management solution!
  • Automatically charge the correct fees for public players and members
  • Know when all carts have been paid in full through color coding
  • Print cart signs to help with cart assignment and tracking
  • Instantly display cart numbers on the tee sheet – so Starters and Marshalls can monitor what’s happening on the course using a smartphone
  • Customized cart waiver forms can be automatically printed at check-in
  • Credit card damage deposits

Sell Golf Cart Packages

Cart packages can be sold, redeemed and tracked with the POS, encouraging your customers to pre-purchase. Packages can be set to any number of rides (e.g. 10, 20, 50, etc.) and the system will automatically update the total at the time of check in. It’s easy to assign a package to a customer profile, which makes the check-in process even faster. Different packages can be created and assigned to various customer types (e.g. members, public, senior public, etc.) allowing for the appropriate fee to be attached.