Integrated Credit and Debit Card Processing
Secure, Fast and Accurate Payment Solutions

Secure Payment Processing

Tee-On's POS software is integrated with several leading credit and debit processing companies, which are all PCI-compliant. Of course, your club can use any credit and debit card processor that you choose – whether or not it’s integrated.

We’re integrated with the following secure payment providers:

  • Moneris
  • ETS
  • Global Payments

Improved Customer Service

Using Tee-On, credit and debit card processing is both fast and reliable, which helps provide improved customer service. When customers make purchases the sales data is sent from the point of sale software directly into the processing device.

Eliminate Mistakes

Payment amount mistakes are a thing of the past with an integrated system, as the POS automatically sends the correct amount to the debit and credit card terminal. Even if a staff person selects the wrong card type, the system automatically corrects the error. Anyone who has spent time reconciling incorrect payment types will immediately recognize the value of this time-saving feature.

Reducing Risks for Your Club

Tee-On's golf point of sale NEVER stores credit card numbers, significantly reducing your club's vulnerability to credit card fraud.